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Making a borderline in dating situations is significant and it is an obvious fact that there are many thoughts that come to mind when the term borderline. But an actual explanation of this term is the act of constructing or putting up an obstruction around one's valuables. And if in a surveyors expression it displays where one's property ends and where another one begins. Possessing a borderline in dating is a criterion to have if you want a dating situation to go according to plans and this takes us back to the truth that dating is not the problem but the problem lies within the parties involved in the dating process. If there is a shortage in borderline, it results in a situation which might be problematic and have in mind that dating is a tentative event and so, it is of importance that the two parties involved do not instill much emotional speculation in the relationship as they date and if this law is not adequately obeyed in an unsure marital commitment it may be risky.

The process of dating brings about two significant issues and these two processes are freedom and responsibility. If a problem occurs in any of these two issues, the dating process might not go according to plan and as known, freedom is about the will to make choices which are based on choice and not force. Responsibility, on the other hand, is the will to take on tasks that can ensure a healthy and caring relationship between both partners. As a matter of fact each partner should be able to make decisions on matters pertaining to their beliefs and as known that dating is about showing love and true love must be acquired and cared for before it may blossom into a deep commitment but in other for such situation to occur the expression of freedom and responsibly is required.

Love can be defined better by taking a quote at what the bible says about love and if strictly adhered to might be the basis for every growing relationship. “There is no fear in love but perfect love casteth out all fears: because of fear hath torment but true love casteth out all fear. He that feareth is not made perfect in love” (1 JOHN 4:18) “But speaking the truth in love may grow up into him all things, which is the head, even Christ” (EPHESIANS 4:15) As quoted John and Ephesians in the bible there is always a need to create a good relationship and maintaining good boundaries in all that we do, for this can metamorphose into a great relationship among both parties.